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Thank you for choosing a Wynter Thyme Manor Aussie! Our puppies are bred, whelped, and raised on our farm. When whelping time comes around we are all so excited to meet the new arrivals. Each pup is assessed at birth and and all potential adopters are notified once the whelping is complete. Day 3-5 all the pups visit our veterinarian for a wellness check, dew claw removal and tail docking (if applicable — some are born with a natural dock). Our adoption fee is $2,000.

Week 1-4

We know everyone is excited to meet their new puppy, or to see the available pups. At this stage of their life they are very vulnerable and need to be closely monitored, kept warm, and close to their moms. Although our moms are very friendly and socialized, it is still their natural instinct to keep a close watch on their babies. Our family starts the imprinting stage during the first few weeks and will be more than happy to send pictures along. Visitors are welcome to meet the pups after four weeks of age. At this time moms are less weary and actually enjoy showing off their pups. Pups are dewormed at two and four weeks old. Please refrain from bringing any pets you currently have along for the visit. 

Weeks 4-6

At week four our puppies are introduced to warm goats milk mixed with food grade diatomaceous earth, WTM will feed this one time while mom takes over the remaining feedings. At five weeks we feed the pups two times a day while mom takes care of the rest. At six weeks moms duties are done and we are feeding the pups three times a day. At this point we have have added a grain free kibble, plain greek yogurt, and farm fresh raw organic eggs to their diet. When the pups turn six weeks old they are dewormed for six days in a row. 


Weeks 7-8 

At seven to eight weeks of age puppies will have visited a veterinarian, have been dewormed, had their nails trimmed and been bathed. The first set of shots will be administered by WTM at seven weeks of age.  At this age puppies are ready to go to their forever homes. Pups will need a second set of vaccinations at 11 weeks and again at 14 weeks of age by your veterinarian. Your vet will also discuss flea and tick preventions. DO NOT USE IVERMECTIN FOR DEWORMING. 

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